All tours can be customized according to your own preferences, but below you can find some proposals for inspiration:

  • Modern and Contemporary Art in Athens: National Gallery, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation, galleries, exhibitions, and Street Art.
  • Ancient Athens: from the Gods to the Dead. A tour through the archaeological sites, including the Acropolis, the Agora, and the Kerameikos.
  • Agora: Birthplace of Democracy
  • Dionysos Theatre: the Invention of the Theatre and the classical Tragedy and Comedy in ancient Athens.
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  • The Land and its People: from Athens’ meat and fish Markets through the smiths’ neighborhood Psirri to the Cartier des Antiques and the former Ottoman Souks.11062327_358553597666086_1695063171191859801_n
  • Culinary Athens: a tour through the Markets with tastings of typical products and Lunch in an old tavern of the meat market.
  • Hidden Athens: Galleries, Passages, Courtyards and Terraces in the historic centre.
  • Workers’ and Students’ movements within the context of social changes in modern history and politics. Meeting with professionals of all kind upon request.
  • The Greek Crises discussed with Economists, Members of Unions and Members of Social Organizations.
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  • The new Acropolis Museum: a dialogue between ancient art and the city’s cultural heritage.
  • Ancient Art in the National Archaeological Museum.
  • Private collections of Athens in Kolonaki neighborhood: a tour through the Benaki and the Cycladic Art Museum.
  • The Old Town of Plaka: passages through history.
  • Exarcheia: a neighborhood of social unrest.11056073_387281264793319_7931391288100693376_n
  • Metaxourgeio: the first workers’ neighborhood of Athens around the silk factory and its present transformation into a hot spot of the city’s nightlife.
  • The Mount Hymettus: the byzantine Monastery of Kaisariani and the trekking paths within the woods in the vicinity of Athens..
  • The Harbor of Piraeus: a roundtrip from the commercial port through the passengers’ harbor to the marines of Zea and Microlimano.
  • Byzantine Heritage: a tour through the Museum of Byzantine Art and the historic churches of old Athens.
  • Byzantine and Ottoman Heritage in the historic centre of Athens.
  • Urbanization and social change: Athens’ architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries. From the Neoclassicism to the ‘60s and ‘70s through the ‘30s Modernism in the context of the capital’s development.
  • Munich-Athens: the Wittelsbacher and the ‘Bavarian Utopia’ in Athens: the planning of the Greek State‘s new capital by German architects. Introduction to Neoclassicism.
  • Historic Personalities in Athens: from Lord Byron through Otto von Wittelsbach to Heinrich Schliemann.
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All combinations of Regions, archaeological sites and Museums.

  • Classical: Emphasis on History and Archaeology, known and unknown Sites.
  • Land and its People: a tour which combines cultural heritage with modern conditions and contemporary Lifestyle.
  • Trekking: on foot over wooded and dry mountains, along sand beaches and through deep canyons to ancient sites, byzantine churches and historic cities.
  • Thematic: i.e. Politics, Economy, Greek Crisis, Culinary Experiences and Wineries, Music, Literature, Festivals (f.e. ‘Meeting and Talking to People on the Greek Crisis’, ‘Greece through Literature: from Plato to Goethe and Schiller, from Hölderlin to Christa Wolf, in the Landscapes between Arcadia and Parnassos Mountain’ or ‘Knights, Venetians and Ottomans in Greece’.
  • Greek Island: from Santorini’s prehistoric Pompeii through Classical-Roman Delos to cosmopolitan Mykonos and authentic Naxos.
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Every combination and thematic tour possible upon agreement.
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